Seattle Large Format Canvas Printing

Wow, what a rush (literally)! We finished 7 big beautiful canvases on time and they are being installed at the Charles Smith Jet City winery. They will adorn the walls at the opening of the new Charles Smith Jet City winery in Georgetown.

Guys! Just want you to know that my prints and the original watercolor arrived today in fine shape! Everything looks JUST GREAT!!! Many thanks for the usual outstanding ColorGroup effort!!

Stan Davis

These canvases are all around 6 ft. tall, and the largest is about 13 ft. wide and 5 ft. tall. To learn more about printing B&W photography on textured canvas, check out our Canvas Printing & Stretching page. We also have some great videos on our YouTube channel that show new and interesting ways to display artwork as well as fine art installations that really push the boundary of Fine Art printing technology.