DiBond Prints

Our DiBond Prints & DiBond Reveal® line are the perfect fusion of style & simplicity. DiBond is a versatile Aluminum Composite material and a great option for displaying art with a clean, streamlined aesthetic. This approach blends a modern look with the structural integrity of aluminum.

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A elegantly beautiful, durable and ready-to-hang mounting option

Available with a variety of finishing options. Quantity discounts available.

DiBond Print

DiBond Print

A clean and effective display option — there is no dressing up of the image here. Its a 'full bleed' image mounted to DiBond (no reveal) with our special Velvet UV laminate for long term protection (you can barely tell a laminate has been applied). Its boldness is appropriate for a gallery or cafe display, but can just as easily be utilized in a corporate or industrial setting. As with all our DiBond and PlexiPrints, they are backed by rigid aluminum Nielsen framing, so these are built to last.

DiBond Print Archival Giclee

DiBond Reveal

This is a clever technique that takes advantage of the mounting substrate (in this case, brushed silver aluminum DiBond). The reveal is actually the raw substrate on which the image is mounted. Visually, it works much like a mat, with the added punch of dynamic, but subdued, brushed metallic glow. DiBond Metallic Reveals, such as this, work favorably for black and white photography, and high contrast imagery. The reveal can be as wide or narrow as you choose, and DiBond comes in multiple colors.

Sizes & Prices

DiBond Prints & DiBond Reveal

Volume pricing available. Feel free to contact us for a custom quote.

Sizes DiBond Prints DiBond Reveal
8×10 $138 $262
11×14 $150 $282
12×16 $162 $306
14×18 $167 $312
16×20 $175 $359
18×24 $204 $403
20×24 $228 $442
20×30 $322 $482
22×28 $329 $492
24×30 $337 $494
24×36 $410 $567
28×34 $420 $579
30×36 $451 $606
30×40 $467 $640
36×48 $557 $829
40×50 $634 $863
40×60 $662 $926
48×48 $651 $916
48×60 $767 $965
48×72 $865 $1020
48×96 $1045 $1489